Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cable and Deadpool v0.1

So I love comic books and costumes so it didn't take that long for me to make a costume from a comic book.

One of my favourite comics and one I think is totally underrated is Cable and Deadpool. I think it has a great mix of funny and serious, plus the drawing is great. Also I don't think you have to have previously read any Deadpool or Cable or X-men to be able to pick this up and read it.

I feel like Cable is totally under represented in the costume scene, especially when his costumes are usually a great mix between cool but not too hard to make and he always has massive guns, who doesn't want massive guns. There are one or two good versions of Cable costumes online but not a massive amount

I knew I wasn't going to ace this costume the first time around and I was also rushing to complete it for free comic book day so this first version I am not really happy with.

I did get my hair dyed grey for this. I didn't want white as I didn't want to look too cartoony.
The make up for this was so much fun and now I always want to wear fake scars.

Not 100% happy about how hard this is pulling my eye socket down which is something I fixed in my 2nd version. Also the neck in the suit at this point is not tight enough at the back.

I am very happy with my hair which I got bleached and toned grey for this.

Lucky I found a Deadpool to snap a quick pick with at free comic book day.
My gun is also too small, a lot too small. Hahahahaha

I was not happy with how my robot arm turned out in this version. It was sewn stretch fabric with extra fabric added to give the details then covered in liquid latex and painted. This would have been great if I had coloured the latex rather than try to paint over it but I did rush it so expected some issues.

This version is missing the ammo pouches the bottom half of the harness and the circle buckle he wears with this costume. All to be fixed in version 2!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Night Club Night Wing

So here is me in a 'sexy nightwing' get up.
I am not usually a fan of 'sexy' versions of fem/girly versions which are overtly sexual but this costume was made for a nightclub so I think it's ok.

So I made a dress and stay up stockings out of wetlook two way stretch lycra cut out a plastic mask and chucked on a wig I had around the house.

  Ta Da!
The club I wore this to is Neko Nation which is a cute nerd/japan type themed club. If one is on in your city, go to it. You will have fun I promise.

Nights Watch - Taking the Black

 What better to wear to a medieval fayre than some Game of Thrones costumes.
My friend had been hand embroidering so many lions, she really needed an excuse to wear it out.

 Three little crows hanging out south of the wall.

My axe was heavy but it was worth carrying around as it made me look like a bad arse.

Cersei, Dany and some Crows admire a castle.

Brienne of Tarth! Bear fight time!

A bit sad that I didn't get more photos of this costume but I didn't get to weather it and I had to use my normal hair. I only wore it to steak dinner so not a lot of photo ops.

I am going to redo a few parts of this costume and wearing it to Dragon*Con so hopefully I will have some good photos then. A bit sad I won't be able to take a wooden sword to the USA

Costumes in an afternoon

Sometimes I find out last minute that I need a costume or I decide I want to add another quickly to match someone else.
This can be fun and exciting as it is a bit of a challenge.
Here are some I have chucked together for a few things.

Pikachu! This consisted of felt ears and a tail glued together with some felt patches glued to my face. I also had black contact lenses in. I don't like yellow so I decided it would be funnier if I just wore a yellow singlet. My boyfriend at the time was also dressed the same (it was funnier on him because he had a giant beard)

Space Wolf - This is one of my favourite quick costume. I sew and screen printed a t-shirt with the designs of space wolf armour on them and just wore that with all grey clothes. Add a grey wig and a Nerf gun I turned into a bolt pistol and TA DA. I wore this to a Games Day event with Green/golf wolf eye contacts and fangs, it was lots of fun.

 Sexy TIE fighter Pilot - Having helmets sitting around your house is super useful for costumes.
I wore this to Free Comicbook Day 2012 and everyone loved it which I found weird because I thought it was a bit lame. Hahaha I just wore a cute balck outfit with a shirt I screen printed an Imperial Cog on with the TIE helmet.

Triana Orpheus - All my friends are big Venture Brothers fans and my friend had been working on a Kim costume so I quickly sprayed some mary janes red screen printed a shirt and borrowed a purple wig. I am actually making a better version of this with a much better wig to wear to Dragon*Con this year as there is a Venture Bros party. There are costume guides for Venture Bros characters made by the show so no excuse not to make the Venture costume you always wanted!

Asajj Ventress Costume - Supernova 2012

 So Supernova pop culture festival was my first costumed outing wearing a costume I had 100% made myself and that was actually 100% character accurate.

This one is the Body Armour version of Asajj Ventress.

Still getting used to being photographed! Standing at the 501st stall just meant a constant stream of people taking pictures and it was my first time at a Con in costume I was a bit intimidated.

It was a bit disappointing that I was the fattest I have ever been in my life at the time of wearing this costume (and Asajj is so skinny!) but I was pleased with my costume and my make up so it was good.

Also I did actually shave my head for this and I think in the end it made the costume that much better so even though it was the middle of winter and having no hair was sooo cold, it was worth it.