Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brienne of Tarth! Bear fight time!

A bit sad that I didn't get more photos of this costume but I didn't get to weather it and I had to use my normal hair. I only wore it to steak dinner so not a lot of photo ops.

I am going to redo a few parts of this costume and wearing it to Dragon*Con so hopefully I will have some good photos then. A bit sad I won't be able to take a wooden sword to the USA


  1. Love the GOT costumes! Good choice with Brienne, she is one of my favourite characters!

    1. I love her so much! I am fixing this costume up and have a great wig and some new SFX make up to go with it so in a month or so there shall be even better pictures. Not sure if I should take a cardboard sword with me (I can't take wood on the plane)

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