Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Costumes in an afternoon

Sometimes I find out last minute that I need a costume or I decide I want to add another quickly to match someone else.
This can be fun and exciting as it is a bit of a challenge.
Here are some I have chucked together for a few things.

Pikachu! This consisted of felt ears and a tail glued together with some felt patches glued to my face. I also had black contact lenses in. I don't like yellow so I decided it would be funnier if I just wore a yellow singlet. My boyfriend at the time was also dressed the same (it was funnier on him because he had a giant beard)

Space Wolf - This is one of my favourite quick costume. I sew and screen printed a t-shirt with the designs of space wolf armour on them and just wore that with all grey clothes. Add a grey wig and a Nerf gun I turned into a bolt pistol and TA DA. I wore this to a Games Day event with Green/golf wolf eye contacts and fangs, it was lots of fun.

 Sexy TIE fighter Pilot - Having helmets sitting around your house is super useful for costumes.
I wore this to Free Comicbook Day 2012 and everyone loved it which I found weird because I thought it was a bit lame. Hahaha I just wore a cute balck outfit with a shirt I screen printed an Imperial Cog on with the TIE helmet.

Triana Orpheus - All my friends are big Venture Brothers fans and my friend had been working on a Kim costume so I quickly sprayed some mary janes red screen printed a shirt and borrowed a purple wig. I am actually making a better version of this with a much better wig to wear to Dragon*Con this year as there is a Venture Bros party. There are costume guides for Venture Bros characters made by the show so no excuse not to make the Venture costume you always wanted!

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